Use the reverse mortgage calculator below to know your indicative monthly payout amount.

Please note that this is only a general estimate and Borrower/Customer should not rely on this when making a loan/financing decision.


Age of the younger applicant will be used for calculation.

Monthly Payout & Maximum Lumpsum (Payout Amount)

How do we determine the payout amount?

Payout amount of the loan/financing depends on 

  • Borrower/Customer’s age.
  • For joint application, the age of the younger borrower/customer will be used.
  • Property value, location and type.

How to get a higher payout amount?

  • The older the age of the borrower / customer, the higher the payout amount. 
  • The higher the property value, the higher the payout amount.


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For Conventional
The interest rate is fixed rate per annum, and it may vary from time to time. Kindly refer to our latest update on the homepage.

For Islamic
The Ceiling Profit Rate is the maximum profit rate that to be charged throughout the tenure and the Effective Profit Rate is the actual profit rate to be charged to the customer which varied on monthly basis

A fixed amount which will be disbursed to the borrower/customer every month. Refer to our reverse mortgage calculator to find an estimated amount based on your age and property value.

As a borrower/customer, you will have to absorb certain initial expenses such as one-time recourse waiver fee/facility fee, property valuation, legal fees and/or fire insurance/takaful coverage of the charged property. These expenses can be financed in the Skim Saraan Bercagar product.

A one-time lumpsum payout together with monthly cash disbursements is available and the maximum amount would be assessed upon application.

Withdrawal of the lump sum is limited to only the following usage:
(1) payment for medical expenses,
(2) settle any outstanding mortgage loan / financing on the property to be charged under the SSB product and
(3) refurbishment and maintenance expenses to upkeep the property.

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